About Abutech Summer Innovative Camp

Summer Innovative Camp operates high quality non-residential summer camp for students from various schools.

The camp provide a true learning environment in fantastic locations, with hands–on activity programmes that ensure students return home after an experience they will never forget.

Summer Innovative Camp uniquely combines the history and tradition of our partner schools, with over 5 years of summer school management experience.

2017 version of Summer Innovative Camp for kids will take place in two locations. Abutech Training Academy and Evelyn Fitness & Recreational Center Gwarinpa.

If you work and live in Gwarimpa or work anywhere around Abuja, and even if you don’t, we shall make it really easy for you to pick up and drop off the kids right outside and in front of your residence or work place to ease the burden of going and returning from the camp.

We hope to showcase over the next few weeks a random sampling of some of the excellent options available to parents with kids of all ages. If you have not made plans yet, you might be running out of time, so you may want to get right on it before it is too late.

Our Ethos

Our Camp aim to bring out the best in our students and giving them independence, along with the skills that allow them to embrace life’s challenges with confidence. Students attending our camp will enjoy a huge variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom, all shared with other students from around the country.

Learning doesn’t stop when lessons finish – activities, excursions and socializing during meals and free time allows students to learn while interacting with friends. Whether the activity is sport, dance, drama, art, a talent show, horse riding, adventure sports or an excursion, students will be challenged and stimulated in a positive learning environment.